What Midnight Looks Like at Every Age - Image 1

comic strip characters from the 40's and 50's | Some Kinda Awesome:The Retro Comic's Stylings of Adolfo Torino Nuñez ...

And THIS is exactly why if you call me I will most likely not answer! Lol

Computers - Yesterday and Today HAHAHAHAHA

Women’s logic: leaving a man

Yep. This is pretty much right.

Batman Villians You'll Live With

Ooh the good ole days of single hood lol

This is an actual thing. Sarcasm has feelings too, and it settles deep within my gut when not released.

10 Years Makes a HUGE Difference In Communication and Technology. You've Got Mail was Fun "At First" but Tell Me If I'm Wrong... eMail Has Gotten Extremely Overwhelming! Snail Mail (as it's called now) is More About Receiving a Brown Box vs a "letter" We Love Our Door-to-Door Deliveries Coming!

...remind you of anyone, Carrie?


Hilarious truth


I'm not alone!

Okay. That one made me laugh.

I really do my work but I also have awesome coworkers! Makes it so much better to spend my days with them!

so true