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omg I am in LOVE with this picture! Reminds me of my hours in front of the wheel in ceramics class. yet, the baby seems to be doing a better job than i did :O haha

This is soo adorable!!

Soldier Has His Little Baby In his Pocket beautiful picture

Get it BOY! Shake what ya momma gave you!
Side note: This is how life should be spent: ENJOYING the small moments!

Move it. Just Move it. I don't even care if it's for 5 minutes. Just MOVE. Why move it?

Me Dê o PrazerDessa Dança

Little kid holding a statue's hand. Statue groping a woman. Man poses like a statue. Drinking with a statue.

Stand up for JESUS CHRIST. He stands up for you everyday.

We lived behind a church where my little brother was called over to sing in front of the entire congregation. Gary loved singing just like this little boy in the picture Out of the mouth of babes there is perfected praise."Sing Unto The Lord" !

Girls sisters friends cousins photography beach black and white kiss

laughter is the best medicine

How life should be lived. Laughing so hard your stomach hurts! Nothing like hearing a kid belly laugh

this is happiness

Adorable Smile Picture from babies. What an adorable smile, it seems almost unreal; as it the picture has been manipulated. it is just too sweet, it is real?

Draw silly hats and hair pieces on the sidewalk and take pictures. Summertime fun!

Funny pictures about Chalk king. Oh, and cool pics about Chalk king. Also, Chalk king photos.

LIttle boy in big shoes

chrisrecord: “ Cutest picture of a little kid standing in BIG boots. Will definitely put a smile on your face :) ”

Brother sister photo session! Jen u must do this shoot if u have a baby girl!!.. Whenever u get preggo

Popular Baby Names 2015 Poised for an Exponential Rise

Oh my sweetness. This might be thee cutest photo I've ever seen. (Besides my own kids of course;

Fitz and Floyd FF 1986 DINOSAUR Mugs // Green and Pink Polka Dots // Pottery Ceramic // 1980s

Fitz and Floyd FF 1986 DINOSAUR Mugs // Green and Pink Polka Dots // Pottery Ceramic // 1980s