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  • Janelle Jenkins

    Vintage Weight GAIN Ads from 1930s-1950s. (totally would've loved this, growing up as a beanpole. hahaha! you get teased a lot for being a gangly stick figure. curves are beautiful and I can't understand why ladies would rather by twigs.) CRAZY HOW THINGS HAVE CHANGED!

  • Jesha Magee

    See how times have changed. Vintage ads that told girls how to stop being skinny and get some sexy curves by gaining weight.

  • Liz O'Connor

    Ugh, it's so sad and so offensive. Fuck these sexist beauty standards. Fuck 'real women have curves' bullshit. What the fuck is a real woman? And the marketing strategy? Men love me know that I'm 10 pounds heavier? Because naturally, a man's opinion on women's bodies is the most important. Fuck it, fuck this bullshit.

  • Gayla Martindale

    gained 10 pounds & she has all the dates she wants - the good old days when women had curves!

  • Tahitia Belle Fille

    Funny vintage ad #Skinny #Weight #Gain #Vintage #Advertisement

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