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Could be used as a little treat/encouragement for students especially before a big test (well, not right before!). Use as an idea for your own project as the actual printable references the 1st day of school.- would also bea cute Valentine from the teacher.

I would've loved to come home to this on the last day of school! Celebrate!...Have a bucket of waterballoons and squirt guns ready to go. Then make home made pizzas for dinner. After, pop some popcorn and watch a family movie together! GOING TO BE THE COOLEST PARENT EVER.

First Days of School Activity Pack. I like the idea but might change a couple of the topics.

Lots of lunch ideas, but I love the idea in this pic of using silicone muffin cups to separate a larger tupperware

#lunch #box ideas- post this in the kitchen and let the #kids plan their own school lunches!

First Day of School Idea #6: create a class dictionary- every student gives themself a definition and a pronunciation guide for their names. Even the teacher participates! Turn in to class bulletin board

Definitely changing this to say "I'm bursting with happiness that you're on my staff this year"

Great website of gift basket ideas & diy gifts!

Great for first year teachers! TONS of great ideas for how to prepare for the first day of school. I have the same folders on a rolling crate for graded papers. At the end of the week a student can hand out the papers to be taken home.

Fun Ice Breaker Activity for the First Day or Week of School... The topics could change from day to day!