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    so true

    So many people preach advice they themselves don't follow.

    After what I've heard and seen, my X-girlfriends picture should be attached to this pin! I do mean this but I still love you......& I can forget! I just want you back! ❤

    Winnie the Pooh Art to Brighten Up Your Day-life of an IB student

    Dealing with the mortgage lender and Sallie Mae in the same day....

    Fun facts about your sign here

    My downfall....but life seems to put it to the test

    That might just be the truest statement EVER! #Aries!

    Aries: May the truth be told.

    Fun facts about your sign here

    Fun facts about your sign here

    Well people that know me and seen me know that I'm sweet, kind, caring, too nice which I should stop doing because I'm overly nice to people, I'm cute :/ but I have a hard time believing that part... But I love people and am shy at first but I can be great :)

    "Aries...Everything is a lesson learned that has taught me to be the person I am today. No Regrets." This was said by the pinner before me, but I have the same exact feelings. There are never any mistakes in life. You learn what you don't want and don't need in life, and with each "mistake," you get closer to your ultimate happiness

    Aries woman - and Aries men, too, although just a simple thoughtful action goes a hellufa long way, too

    Fun facts about your sign here

    But I am afraid, and not everyone is against me. Many good people are behind me and with me.

    m mm . I am moving town! finding new fiends will be hard because of the dissapointment & betrayals of some people it has put a damper on the excitement of exploring the new the wanting just to stay in and keep to myself and not to bother having friends because it only leads to loneliness when they judge you and believe what they hear about you Turning back time is not an option but moving forwards is

    Actually ALL "being nice" is pretend since it's a conscious decision and not a personality trait.

    But they sure do

    You may not have liked my truths.. but I didn't lie.. YOU LIED horrible LIEs about Me to make others HATE me.. TRUTH PREVAILS! bitch.

    True that. Real tupac quote

    Some #people aren't really all they #post to be #letsgetwordy

    "Things aren't always what they seem,sis. Sadly, social media makes it so easy for us to start wishing our lives where more like someone else's. When, in all actuality, we have no idea what is going on in the midst of things they DONT post about. No one, no matter how it seems, how transparent they claim to be, shares EVERYTHING on social media. Don't wish for the lives, the success or the following, nor the platform of others, for two reasons: 1) you have no idea what they had to go through/or

    Ain't that the truth...fake, manipulative people lack intergrity! I am okay with being called a "B#*%&" because at least I am straightforward with no backdoor agenda!

    On fb.. Loving mother. Real life.. Can't handle or take care of her own children! Lol