1928, 8mm film camera. Beautiful! #camera #1928

Rollei flex cameras are a great accent for the treasure hunter steampunk outfit. They just have the look without any alterations!

antique camera

Kodak Mickey Mouse Brownie Target camera box

Vintage Kodak Cameras


Film camera

#camera #resources #history #collection #web http://historiccamera.com (photo : Super Kodak Six-20)@ india bastien for nick

Take Your Camera Wall Print - vintage camera

Leica D-Lux 5

19th century camera

Vintage Camera

La Sardina Coyote Camera :: Lomo

Specialized in testing bolex 16mm cameras the the New School Film Office and checking other film and production equipment! https://www.facebook.com/nsfilmoffice

vintage cameras, found at thrift stores- do not pay more than $7 for these- i can find them for that or less, if you spend more than that on one I will be angry >:[

Vintage film camera.

A Gold Pentax - touch of gold

Black & White, Film

20x200 : Print Information : 28 Camera Drawings: christine berrie illustration

I remember the flash on my mothers camera. I thought I was going to go blind, due to it being so bright! lol