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11 cool subtle tattoo ideas (great for people who aren’t sure they’re ready to commit!) #unique #subtle #tattoo #ideas #list

clever jewelry made from barbie doll parts


For those of you who aren't keen on the death ray, keep this in mind: He started working on it, feared its destructive capabilities, and destroyed the entire project.<<<IS IT JUST ME OR DOES HE LOOK LIKE AN OLD TIMEY COLIN MORGAN? (Sorry if I spelled his name wrong I can't spell)<< Nicolas Tesla

The gift of nothing

Cat Lady Barbie

No craps were given this day...

Story of this tattoo : I got these a couple months ago for my parents who passed away when I was in high school. Its exact copies of their handwriting from birthday cards. I absolutely love them.

Laughing so hard I can't see.

I stand corrected..this may be the biggest WTH outfit I've ever seen!

Barbie just got real. :)

Tattoo Barbie Tattoo Shop

Emily Strange

Oh Barbie you look.....great..

M'aimer pour qui je suis / Love me for who I am.

I get it. The anchor is cute. Buuuuut am I the only person who knows the purpose of an anchor? It is to sink. Someone please spread the word and end the senseless tattoos. I can't take much more.



Skull Barbie

Hoooooot Boys and Tattoo