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      The 25 Coolest Science Experiments for kids! (Or adults who use kids as an excuse to do fun science experiments....) :)

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      The 25 coolest science experiments for kids. I love the idea of making science fun for little ones.

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      25 Cool Science Experiments for Kids

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      The 25 Coolest Science Experiments for kids! Science Project!

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      babble: fun summer activities for kids

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    Lapbook for the Human body for little ones.

    Human Body: Learning About Blood blood-model = Jar of water dyed yellow: plasma Cheerios: red blood cells. I squirted red food coloring on them while dry and put in a small ziplock bag. Then when they were added to the plasma, they turned the water red (which is why blood looks red—because of the red blood cells) Marshmallows: white blood cells Purple pom poms: platelets

    shrinking eggs, science magic, science for kids... Really cool site

    Science for kids with apple slices

    Watermelon Volcano, science for #kids

    Fun kool-aid science experiments for kids - color mixing, magic rainbows, eruptions, and more

    Marshmallows in water- good for having kids build their own hypothesis. Most students have enough background knowledge with hot cocoa and marshmallows to make a reasonable guess. Easy to test and record

    GLOWING magic milk experiment - cool science for kids with an added sensory element they will love.

    Simple Science for kids from How to grow crystals from sugar or salt and water. #science #experiment #crystals

    GLOWING GERM HANDS - we used highlighter and blacklight to illustrate how germs that we can't really "see" on our hands are still there and need to be washed away #preschool #science #hygiene #homeschool #germs #health

    JOINT & TENDON HAND MODEL - Cardboard, paper, straws (need to cut notches), and string make for an easy finger joint demo #preschool #science #homeschool #anatomy #bones #skeleton #muscle #joints

    preschool science - how fat keeps animals warm - hand in ice water, then hand covered in shortening placed in ice water - I have a bad feeling that if we did this, the next time the kids saw a fat person they would make a comment on how they must need it to be warm or something

    Fall-themed learning - dissecting gourds >> Gift of Curiosity

    we have done tis project with many of the children. it is always a big hit:) Preschool Science Experiment: Diet Coke/ Mentos Geyser

    Preschool Science - thunderstorm in a cup -Fill the cup half full of water (sky) Add shaving cream (clouds) few drops food coloring (water droplets). Explain as the cloud gets full and heavy the water starts to fall from the sky as rain. concept of lightning by explaining the frozen water in the cloud bumps into each other and causes an electrical charge. Bent paperclips represent lightning.

    Preschool science - ice chunk + salt + food coloring = fun!

    wate density experiment, looks like waves- just water, food coloring, and oil -preschool science ideas

    Explore: Preschool Science Investigation_How Does Water Reacts on Various Surfaces

    Preschool Science - Fireworks in a Jar. I need to check out the other experiments on her blog!

    So many wonderful preschool science experiments (I particularly love this flower diagram)

    Preschool science program teaching magnets.

    Preschool Science Investigation~Create a Boat | Fantastic Fun & Learning

    A nice and simple, easily done rain jar. Explores the concept of clouds absorbing water until they are too heavy...

    Put real spiderwebs on paper... great way to preserve a spiderweb on paper to explore/look at.