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Creating a Chicken Habitat with Tips from Jungle Fowl -

How would chickens live if they had their druthers? We can find out by looking at the habits and habitat of their wild relatives, the jungle fowl. That fascinating information is reviewed, and used to guide suggestions on how best to provide your chickens with the opportunity to express their natural behaviors. Plus tips on how to make the most of a small space.:

Paca Pride Guest Ranchfrom Paca Pride Guest Ranch

From Seed to Feed in 8 days: Barley Fodder Sprouting Trials

Something to think about for the Chickens and Goats. From Seed to Feed in 8 days: Barley Fodder Sprouting Trials

Keep digging predators out of your coop by extending the hardware cloth 1 foot at 90 degrees from the bottom.

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Chicken Coop Plans

Chicken Coop Plans - by Lisa Steele of Fresh Eggs Daily for Better Homes & Gardens - Download plans to build a chicken coop.

Easy instructions for pain-free chicken wing clipping - Prevent flight over your fence!

Fb friends' shared idea: make the chicken's area a tunnel, which fruit vines grow over, they're under, providing fertilizer & keeping up with bugs & weeds. MUST DO!

Method of growing greens to feed chickens- the wire keeps them from completely destroying the plants.

Home to Roostfrom Home to Roost

Urban Chickens Featured at Green Festival, San Francisco

Chicken coop

Bee Sweet Honey Farms LLC. uses poultry to maintain a clean beeyard. Chickens help protect our colonies from mites and other predatory insects; as opposed to using chemicals and pesticides.

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BUMBLEFOOT in Chickens: Causes & treatment. **WARNING: Graphic Photos**

BUMBLEFOOT causes & treatment with photos & video! ~The Chicken Chick