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Remove wine stains with wine! | 13 Life Hacks Every Girl Should Know |

Remove wine stains with wine! | 13 Life Hacks Every Girl Should Know |

50 Healthy Habits Every Girl Should Have....I LOVE this! I need to have these handy for everyday.

I'm the girl that wants to bring every stray animal I see home just so they can feel loved and safe.

Because to at least one person, you're going to be absolute perfection and they're going to fall in love with you. But before they do, don't be afraid to fall in love with yourself.

Every girl should know how to tie a tie

you spelled realizing wrong! #really #really #REALLY!!! <<<<It's the British way! But seriously, I hate/love it when this happens.


"You are a hurricane of a girl; remember to breathe every once and a while, do no drown within your own storm." Still learning this.....

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Dum de dutty dutty, dum de dutty dutty dum. Talkin bout my girl...

These precious words proved so true in both of our daughter's lives. They waited for a godly man - and God proved His faithfulness!! No young woman should settle for anything less than a God-picked husband.

Something every girl should know is a way to protect themselves from danger.

A great idea for kids birthdays to ask the same 20 questions every year and then give it to them when they're older.

Inspirational divorce quote. Trash the Dress. Single girl. Breakups. Relationships.

technology rocks. seriously.: FREE End of the Year Printable bookmarks and poems

Letting go feels amazing. Some people will never change, just let go and focus on your life.

Because every woman can find herself in this :)

Rolie polie Olie...i loved this show!!

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