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  • Liquid Art Fountains

    Side Yard - Water features are a favorite of mine. I love to hear the sound of trickling water. If I close my eyes, and breathe, just listening to the trickle of the water calms and relaxes me. Maybe a frog even kicks back on the lily pad. Can you imag

  • Rogério Bragil

    Outdoor fountain and pond.

  • Cindy Rother

    Water garden with brick detail outside master or dining room window

  • Renee Grone

    Outdoor water feature someday

  • Sarah Anderson

    Add outdoor art Give your yard a little spunk by adding weather-resistant artwork. Choose pieces that complement your home's natural palette and exterior elements. Birdbaths, metal cutouts, sculptures, and wind chimes are good choices for outdoor art. Water sculptures not only function as yard art, but the burbling sounds soothe and make hot days feel cooler. Place fountains on level ground in optimum hearing and sight vantage points. Avoid spots in le...

  • Elisa Ikard Dunkley

    Brick wall & koi pond

  • Donna Dyson

    Brick fish pond

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Make it Wonderful with Water Use a fountain to soften the noise of a busy street or to create a pleasant background sound. It's easy to add a water feature to your deck. Tuck small fountains in corners where they'll be out of the way or use a bigger, bolder piece as a dramatic focal point.

Love this water feature ... reminds me of Italy. Could replicate in the backyard for something interesting.

Raised beds, collecting rainwater as well. - perhaps tiered beds can have a French drain at the end that catches excess water run off from the rain. It would be a larger area to collect rain water and would only be extra If the other plants were all watered.

a shallow recirculating fountain – An Element of Modern Garden Design by architectum, via Flickr

Add a Water Feature Install a stream or other water feature to give your garden extra sensory appeal with the sound of trickling water. A simple fountain and recirculating pump are all it takes to make garden magic.

Water Feature for Your Garden Five easy water features for every garden!

Pondless Water Feature McKinney Texas by One Specialty Outdoor Living, via Flickr

black mondo grass and gold Japanese forest grass- love how from the right angle the fountain is watering the "green" grass

water feature that is very similar to what I want, I'm so close....!

this into the long reflecting pool into the infinity pool recycled back to this water fall.......... too much ?? naa!!