• Susan Knauff

    Paul Rudd, Jonah Hill, Seth Rogen, and Jason Segel: Funny men making fun of Annie Leibovitz by Annie Leibovitz #leibovitz

  • Peeja

    Paul Rudd, Seth Rogen, Jason Segel and Jonah Hill doing an impression of a Tom Ford photoshoot in Vanity Fair. - Priceless!!

  • Erica Camacho

    There's just something about a funny guy. Paul Rudd. Jason Segel. Seth Rogan. Jonah Hill.

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Eleanor - This book called "The Devotee". As the title shows, this book is talking about devotee, so the net on the book cover can really relate with the feeling of devotee. Belief is not only net the devotee's mind, but also net their lives, spirt and soul.

Invisible streets cover by Anthony Morais

David Drummond | covers

Gatsby Covers never cease to amaze me! I love that artists keep coming up with stuff over and over.

寄生蟲圖 cover

Wired Magazine Cover by Troie.Lee

Things We Didn't See Coming

brilliant conveyance! cover by Tom Lenartowicz for Penguin

title, subtitle? -- Das Luzeren Plakat by Josh

'Reflection' - Barack Obama victory cover by Bob Staake

cover design by Christopher Brand

brilliant cover -- another example of process behind outcome as outcome

evokes choices and possibility, as well as potential of loss

the color palette in this cover art by Charles Keeping

simply beautiful

suggests, not just shows and tells!

shows AND tells! ...designed by Devin Washburn

mixed perspectives ...by Anna Griesbach

horizontal instead of vertical elements ...Christopher Sergio Design

slanted angle, bold daggers -- this is a fab cover!! ...Melville House

process behind the outcomes as outcome on cover

bold yet intricate

trompe l'oeil effect on this Washington Post Mag cover

the waves and fonts are a bit too friendly but I like the depth and effect of the small ship at top