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♥ Romance of the Maiden ♥ Veda Wildfire

Hmm ice powers,


simple low-prop-investment idea for a powerful portrait.

Got to love the black and white pictures...they have so much intensity and deep emotion to a picture.

meeka- defenders

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very dramatic. I love how the eyes pop against the red head covering and the red lips. Simply beautiful!

I keep finding that I picture my heroines as Russian models/actresses.... haha Anyway, I can see this a little as Isla. (S.A by Anastasia Galaktionova, via 500px)

Genevieve Grey "Gemma" Born: October 18th, 4893 Eyes: Bright Blue Hair: Brown (long) Height: 5'7" Dating Will. Andrew's little sister. Wakes up with no memory of the accident, but slowly remembers everything before her release.

Antonia Thomas

by Lena Dunaeva

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Audrey Marnay by Jean-Baptiste Mondino for Jalouse June 1998

Love this portrait... so creative! #photography #portrait #portrait photography

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