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*by herz-allerliebst I have a fossilized one of fact three...beautiful

gorgeous eyes + lip color.

white sand or snow – photographic minimal inspiration | photography . Fotografie . photographie | Photo: Scott Withers @ flickr |

LES NÉBULEUSES this project renews with one of Ying Gao’s lyricism rich theme as she continues her exploration of the influences between the individual and his/her environment. Diaphanous and light as air, Les Nébuleuses line gives shape to the abstraction of something intangible and elusive. The results are five creations made of super organza with uncertain edges and where the limits are defined by the fabric’s touch on the body.

Nobody gets out of love alive. That’s half the deal and we all know it by the time we’re fifteen years old. You gamble and lose about 90% of the time. It’s like buying a lottery ticket. The chances of winning anything are a million to one. We know that but it doesn’t stop us from trying again and again. Which is good because it shows people are optimistic about the most important thing in life.

The Essence of Galleria D’Amore E Di Pace – sponsors welcome - mailto:globalpeac...

Amazing how many shades of white there are!

Woman (great smile, smiling, portrait, people, photo, picture, photography, laugh, laughing, positive, inspiring, motivation, feel good, happy, happiness, joy, beautiful, amazing)

My Bohemian Queen  This photo literally made my jaw drop. She is stunning. recadosdatenda: A beleza desta fotografia dispensa comentários.