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Draw this only with a pin. Here is the technique – apply one or two coat of the nail polish. Then make some dots with other colors. Then just take a pin and start to make some swirls. That’s all and it comes out different anytime!

Apply a nail color – this will be your base color – starting from middle of your nail, using smooth uniform strokes, then allow nails to dry. Take a colored nail polish and a toothpick or even a needle, but make sure it’s thick enough. Apply 3 dots with the nail polish to the nail, get the toothpick and start dragging the color on the nail, creating unique nail art designs. Let them dry and apply a top coat to prevent colors from chipping and make your nail polish last longer.

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used to heat eyeliner in high school to make it last longer too, works great!

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Black nail polish matte with mid rings