I am speahless

I like my men like I like Joseph Gordon-Levitt. tall, smart and Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

This should be under the board "things I want to try" but for the sake of better taste.... YUM

Joseph Gordon-Levitt Covers 'GQ' August 2012 - Ok it's become apparent I have a slight celebrity crush on JGL! Back from rock!

Joseph Gordon-Levitt! ever since watching 500 days of summer..

I normally don't think men in Hollywood are physically attractive. Joseph Gordon Levitt is extremely good lookin.

JGL. Enough said.

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I love the contrasting colors in this suit on Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Suits him very well.

Joseph Gordon Levitt, yes please.

Joseph Gordon Levitt = HOT And the guy brings it home in all of his movies.