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    • Lisa S.

      vintage summer scene. The ice cream truck

    • nikkimcn

      vintage summer scene (Vintage Ladybird Books 'Happy Holiday') (Peter and Jane) 1964

    • Germchen Blade

      vintage summer scene- children and the ice cream man (circa early 1950's)

    • Suzanna Doiron

      Neighborhood Ice Cream Truck... All the kids would run home to get money for icecream when we'd hear the icecream man coming.

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    The Avon lady left lipstick samples with Mom

    Cinnamon & Sugar toast.

    The Palmer method of penmanship - we started to learn this in 2nd grade and had to practice on specially lined paper every day - in pencil. You didn't get to go to using a pen until 4th grade.

    Red Light! Green Light!

    Gum wrapper chains

    i was obsessed with Barbie!

    little rascals

    "animal crackers in my soup" ~ i remember watching these on Sunday afternoon with my sister

    San Gabriel Bowl vintage neon sign

    Menu from Woolworths Lunch Counter

    This is the 60's but it was frozen orange juice cans.

    This is how Taco Bell used to look.

    1970s ICEE, sold inside Kmart.

    cinnamon fireball...

    archies comics, loved them : )

    Pepe le Pew

    old coffee key

    Actually rolling the window down

    When I was a kid... the attendant used to put gas in your car, wash your windows, put air in your tires and check your oil!

    You had to open soda & beer cans with and opener

    Drive In's.

    i remember...

    I watched this every week... Family Affair with Buffy & Jody.

    Neil Armstrong - July 1969 - First Moonwalk.

    "we would wrap our boyfriends class ring with angora yarn to fit our finger...". yes, I remember it had to be angora yarn.