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thank god i know what to do next time i'm being buried alive! Brilliant ;) Life, yo! - Imgur

Various Life Hacks...the last one in particular

Not sure if this is true, but considering how much money I spend at Target, it's worth a shot!

use a potato peeler to get a thin slice of onion from 40 Simple Life Hacks

I did not pin this the first time I saw it and forgot what to look for. I hope that this helps me not throw away avocados.

Recipe: The Popcorn Trick - Brown paper bag + popcorn kernels + microwave = microwave popcorn without the film of gunk from commercial microwave popcorn :) yay!!

If you don't have extra-long matches, use an uncooked piece of spaghetti to light multiple or hard to reach candles.

Mac 'n Cheese Pancakes. Life is short, too short, not to try Macaroni and Cheese Pancakes!

Here are some easy life hacks that will make spring cleaning easier.