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As with most pins on Pinterest, I do not have the rights to most of the images/videos pinned on my boards. I do however try to provide the original source ~ preferably the rights owner ~ for all images/videos. Should you wish to have an image removed, or you would like me to make a correction, please just contact me, by adding your comment to the relevant pin, or any pin of your choice.
4 Step to keep your pinboard in a stylish album like magazine.
Find the most popular pinners, boards, and pins on Pinterest. Get clear overview and stats on what is trending now in different categories. repinly.com
I am undeniably, incredibly, happily addicted to Pinterest!
How advanced Pinterest users can save time and add followers. Use a secret board to store pins you want to post later and add your intended board name to the description. Then repin to those boards  during peak traffic time on Pinterest to get maximum visibility to your followers.
Pinterest Introduces new feature to help combat SPAM for Group boards ~ Way to go Pinterest
...which is why I've cancelled my magazine subscriptions (except Oprah and Women's Health).