so well put!

Needed this.

Isaiah 43:2 a promise I always have to remember when the going gets tough he is faithful before I ever was-one of my favorite verses

Love this

Troubled Waters.

Well said!

Not classic Isaiah ... But God would say something comforting like that all the same:)

Prayer for when you feel overwhelmed

Don't ask God why something is happening. Ask Him what He wants you to learn

Walk With Me - Greg Olsen

It is good to remember that in those moments in your life when you just feel so abandoned. Just know, God is with you always.............. <3 Angela from

talk to me ...

love this...

love this.

I believe.


Such a good message to remember!

when we have nothing left but god, we discover that god is enough

It NEVER fails...

God promises to make something good out of the storms that bring devastation to your life! ~Romans 8:28

"Be still and know I am God....."