my future baby will have one of these.

Baby pacifier (

i Want this for my baby!! :)

Baby Signs.... I am totally doing this!!!

Moustache Pacifier

Obviously when I ever have a baby they will need this

Baby Mermaid Diaper Cover and Hat Photo Prop by CraftyKsCrochet, $45.00/ i would totally get one if i had a baby girl!


Pacifiers that give your baby a mustache are a necessity.

need to make these for the next person I know having a boy!

so funny!!!!!

ha. diy baby mustache

Wow so cool! I will remember this idea for the future! :)

hahaha.. So inappropriate, but funny:)

Mustache on a pacifier. I would laugh for hours.

cute saying


Wooden baby gym - diy. This looks a million times better than all those chunky plastic ones out there. Plus no annoying music.