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That is the truest thing I've ever read.

Me And The Weather Don't Really Get Along

Which is why I usually hold the bottom part of my work lanyard while walking between buildings.... Also why I wrap my dslr camera around my wrist instead of putting it around my neck...

This is needed on this board. Because this is how I feel whenever I express my opinion. But I don't have the intention of starting crap.

It's International Women's Day! Let's burn our bras! Just kidding... My boobs are big and I need this.

And I'm becoming more and more at peace with it :) some nights it sucks, but most days I feel grateful for the courage to allow my own inner spirit the time and space to become whole before I share this privacy again ❤️

Yep!!! This is also why I don't buy bathing suits online: a small will fit my waist, but not my boobs..

No, I'm pretty sure when I hear the word babies of think of gross little snot factories, disease incubators and perpetual crying that makes me want to drop kick the source.

I don't want to be an adult anymore...

Well...I FINALLY finished my last papers of the semester, but this is pretty close to the process I ALWAYS go through. :)

When are you due? (This is the 50th comic! I’m working on publishing the first 100 comics so I’ll be posting more info about that soon.)