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  • Jasmin Guzman

    Its smell, color, and distinct comic strips had made Bazooka a popular childhood best-seller. Mention its name and the wrap-around comics featuring Bazooka Joe easily come to mind. Although not made in the Philippines, Bazooka bubble gum was still an instant hit for fascinated youngsters and collectors alike.

  • Diane Cameron-Penix

    Bazooka Bubblegum ... LOVED chewing a wad of this and blowing bubbles (even loved reading those corny comic strips inside ... lol)

  • Live Laugh Rowe

    Childhood memories...

  • Deanne Laura Pool

    Bazooka Bubble Gum! I remember this. You had to chew until you thought your jaws would break, then spend the rest of the time trying to blow the biggest bubble:)

  • J Girl

    ~Oh, the cavities I got from this~

  • Silent Lady

    Bazooka gum w/ the Bazooka Joe comic inside

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