Omg hahaha

Ron Hermione

:) normally i hate "yo momma" jokes, but the idea of dumbledore and voldemort swapping them makes me laugh so hard!

this is hilarious

OMG Jim. you rock some more.

Haylor Swyles

Harry Potter meets Mean Girls

Well played, J.K Rowling. Well played.


Ron and Hemrione's relationship makes me believe in love. <3


Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone | Warner Bros. UK | Movies #HarryPotter #Potter #PhilosophersStone

oh. my. word.

Hermiones face on the last one Hahahahahahahahahahahaha: Face, Hermione, Harrypotter, Funny Stuff, Funnies, Harry Potter, Bloody Hell

why is this so funny?!?!?!

Olivia!! ha



Now that's just freaking adorable.