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Tibetan man. The resemblance to Native Americans is very obvious here despite the 1000's of years separating genetic develoment of 2 the peoples. ** A handsome man with a lovely gentle face.

Look at this kid!!! So cute, dirty and happy! Why do we make life harder than it has to be????

we are never satisfied yet they have so little and yet they have a smile on their face

Faces of Afghanistan, 2 little boys dressed in traditional red, leaning against a wall and laughing. ~ by O.Blaise, via Flickr

Africa | Young boy photographed in Burkina Faso by Eric Montfort

Africa | Banna tribe girl - Key Afer Ethiopia | © Eric Lafforgue

Africa | Pokot tribe smiling girl with giant necklace - Kenya | © Eric Lafforgue

I like everything about this picture | #WeThePeOplE; "Enjoy a Cappuccino while Saving Lives!" Movement

Black H'Mong Girls Vietnam Leonid Plotkin. "You buy from me? you buy from me too?" -heard on the street in SaPa, Vietnam - connecting be back to my sales days!