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Skip-It, Skip-It: The Best ’90s Toys EVER!!!!

Last week, they announced a Furby reboot for 2012. In case you were living in a cave in 1998, Furbies were the "it" toy of the season - little robot owl-hamster-things who start out speaking Furbish and "learn" English the longer you own them. I actually never had a Furby (or a Tamagotchi, despite m...

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kaleidoscope--the first one I had gotten as a gift was from the folks and I was in awe of what I could do with it. Spent hours playing with it.

Fisher Price Pocket Radios

flashback! I always came home with a few of these

Label Maker. I still have my dad's and all the unused tape from the 70s

Brinquei tanto com isso! Quero um pros meus filhos! // Spirograph..many rainy days filled with this..

POGS!!!!! had a lot of the ones that are in this pic. Can you still buy these? Man I should have kept some of my toys.

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I was so excitd the day i got one (:! It would only get one station tho:p

  • Denise

    I would have to always buy new batteries!

#90s bonnebell flip lipshades! - i loved mine when i was in middle school! a cafeteria aid mistaked it for a lighter once, hahaha!

if it still didn't work then you would jam it in the system and prop it down with another game.

Just realized I still have my entire collection of these hidden away in a closet....Not for long though! #90s #memories