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    Building a corporate social media strategy and policies can be tough.

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    • Sean Nicholson

      As employees continue to use social media in the workplace, it will be up to Social Media Strategists to educate organizational leaders about the value of social media and the how the various channels can be used to enhance employee collaboration and drive business.

    • Sean Nicholson

      Does your social media strategy actually help your employees? Or does it just tell them what NOT to do?

    • The Denovati Group

      SocMedSean: Building a Social Media Strategy: Building a corporate social media strategy and policies can be tough. This cartoon shows how some have differing expectations

    • Organic Social Media

      Do you have a Social Media Strategy? How about a #SocMed employee policy?

    • Nidhi Tuli

      Building a corporate social media strategy and policies can be tough.

    • Sorav Jain

      Building a Social Media Strategy lol hilarious conversation

    • Kjersti Antonsen

      Building a social media strategy...

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    Attend any corporate meeting on social media initiatives and it’s likely that you’ll hear a question or two along the lines of “how is this selling us more product” or “what’s the ROI on these activities”? Unfortunately, many social media strategists get caught up in the numbers that relate specifically to social media and they forget about the numbers that are meaningful to their business.

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    While social media isn't necessarily about how many friends/followers you have, you should pay attention to the numbers!

    If you've ever tried to advocate for social media in an environment filled with "old school" media folks, you might empathize with the social media strategist in this new cartoon. While more and more marketing dollars are shifting to digital, there are still people who believe that traditional television, radio, and print are the best for their brand. And maybe they're right...if they sell televisions, radios, or magazines ;)

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    I recently participated in a conversation on LinkedIn entitled "Should Employees Be Allowed To Use Social Media?" in one of the social media groups where I participate. While the responses where overwhelmingly in favor of not only allowing, but encouraging employees to engage online, I was befuddled by the fact that this question even exists.

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