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Holga iPhone Lens, uber cool - what say you @Nicky Sanford

holga iPhone lens :: nine-in-one lens set with colorful, playful effects for your iPhone pics :: photojojo

Image of iPhone wood cover Artist Series "Treebird" black cherry

"Treebird" Black Cherry - Real Wood Cover for iPhone 4 (ATT/Verizon) by Lazerwood

Rubber Band Macro Lens Fits Any Smartphone.  Also has all other kinds of lens for phones!

Rubber Band Macro Lens Fits Any Smartphone

GREAT PROPS FOR PHOTO BOOTH    Photo Paddles - Plastic printed paddles that add instant pizzazz to your pics ($10.00, http://photojojo.com/store)

Photo Paddles

Photo Paddles - plastic printed paddles that add a bit of fun to your photos

Holga iPhone Lens.  A nine-in-one lens set with colorful, playful effects for your iPhone pics. $30.00

Holga iPhone Lens

The Holga iPhone Lens is a rotating lens attachment that gives your iPhone nine fun and colourful photo effects.

25 Best Geeky Gadgets For Photographers | AntsMagazine.Com

Color Filters This rainbow of pocket sized colors can transform any photo with ANY camera. whether it's on your phone or normal camera. You can hold them over the lens to play with color filtering, or you can hold it over the flash.

Fisheye, macro, wide angle and telephone lenses for the camera on my iPhone! LOVE

Photojojo's Magnetic Phone Lens Series

Pretty cool if you use your Smart phone as your camera! Set: Macro, Wide-Angle Fisheye Clip-on Smartphone Lenses - Assorted Colors

I want this so bad

Blue Volkswagen VW cartoons iphone 4 iPhone iPod Touch case by Pointsale store. if i had an iphone this is the case i would get.

Photojojo Phone Lens Series — Cameras Tripods -- Better Living Through Design

The Photojojo Phone Lens Series. Professional quality fisheye, telephoto, wide angle and macro cell phone lenses.

Payphone iphone 4 Case  Black Cases for iphone by onyourcasestore, $16.99

iPhone 4Case. iPhone 4S Case. Retro Vintage Payphone. iPhone 4S Cases. Phone Case. iPhone Case. Payphone Phone Case