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Textile designer Zina de Plagny print. Her prints were created for Parisian couturiers in the forties and fifties. The designs were retrieved from their portfolios in 2009, after a 60 years’ sleep, when they were revealed to the public for an exhibition.

a beautifully drawn group of moths by Alain Seaguy ,Paris 1895

Eugene Alain Seguy was one of the foremost French designers at the beginning of the 20th century. Working in both the Art Deco and Art Nouveau styles, he published many design folios utilizing the pochoir technique, a printing process that employs a series of stencils to lay dense and vivid color.

Didn't you feel joyful when opening a new box of crayons when you were a child? I hope children still do.

Aqua pattern...another wallpaper that cries out for use in a room with a bathtub. I always had a fondness for the colour aqua, after my mom took me dancing in a swimming pool for the first time and everything around me was greenblue bluegreen...