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Damn it.

dating fails - Let's Hope You're More Useful Than the White Crayon

Yep lol ps if you see me running don't ask why just join me cause something bad is about to happen

How I think I look when I run. How I actually look: Just kidding, I never actually run but if you see me running.it's because we are all about to die!

25 Government Shutdown Memes - Seriously, For Real?

T-Rex arms!

Relatable Post it's impossible to slowly tip toe around without activating your T-rex arms

We need background music everywhere now. Each city will have their own background music playing!

I have naturally curly hair and I have this problem. If you have straight hair your lucky. It's easier to do things with your hair

thought this was funny.  but I'm sure the poor gal whose pic this is doesn't lol  #relatable #foodlover

Makes me LOL for real! i was supposed to have a nice body this summer but there's a small problem. i love food!

the only thing that makes me laugh anymore is meath mamilton and it makes 0 sense

My friend just commented to me about this last night about how I laugh at everything but it said it made him feel important and interesting so that made me happy:)

Right? ;)

me too so true relatable post teenager post. I'm not a morning person

...you submitted a hostage situation. This is an appropriate use of sass. I wish I could be a teacher simply so I could say this

Why was my grade so low?

"You submitted a hostage situation" Though I disagree with the lack of help the teacher gives to the student, I do love his/her wit. I can just see some of my students' faces if I were to respond this way, lol

Using Language in CONTEXT to teach commands.  http://spanishplans.org/2014/02/26/teaching-commands-through-context/

Would you eat this 'sad' chocolate bar?chocolate lover faced with moral dilemma after discovering this unhappy face.

One Direction... Funny

The how are you feeling today thread - animated GIFs or pics - Page 6

Funny pictures about If you have 10 chocolate cakes. Oh, and cool pics about If you have 10 chocolate cakes. Also, If you have 10 chocolate cakes.

But we only have enough sauce for 5 of you. SO ME! I rock at cooking but hang it up with measuring pasta. Leftovers anyone?