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    • Bizzy Bella

      can't stop giggling! and also for some reason it makes me think of @Christine and I can picture you laughing at this too! hahhaha

    • Jess.

      People ask me why I don't drink. This photo explains everything. Please refer to the girl in the back....aka myself, when I'm drunk. Haha. 😸 Also, because I don't have cool friends to party hard with. At least, I didn't before. But then I move 100000 miles away, and everyone becomes drunkards. Like, what the actual f*ck?

    • Michelle Elmer

      Lololol. I'm not big on drinking, so don't get the wrong impression. All I have to say is that girl is me. Without alcohol.

    • Lauren Pierce

      That's funny. They're drinking out of tiny test tubes and the other girl's got two glasses and looks like "yEAH LETS get MOARRRR"

    • Olivia Waite

      This pin's insidious subtext: girls should not do anything that takes away from pretty-being. That girl in the back has either heard her favorite song come on, or spotted an old friend across the bar, or is singing or dancing or otherwise having a great time. This one momentary snapshot does not invalidate her implied great time at this party, nor do the smiles of the other two girls mean they're 'better' at drinking.

    • Terri Atwell

      I'm the girl in the back when I drink. Alcohol not for me!

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    Share if you see it. Hilarious!

    This is so true lol

    me. true story.


    . That is to hilarious!

    #Alcohol. Because no great story ever started with someone eating a salad. #TRUTH

    whiskey made me do it scoopneck tee

    I couldn't help but laugh.

    Yes, I laughed out loud at this.


    so true

    22 More Unfortunate Examples of Accidental Racism LOL! Now this, is hella funny.

    So hilarious!!

    Taking a sip of a favorite drink / iFunny :) I'm curious as to if this will play on pinterest. If it didn't, sorry!!