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  • Katie Patzke

    Favorite quote from Buffy Season 7 #buffyforever

  • Karin

    When I say "I love you"... by Joss Whedon

  • Kaylene Landers

    Words to live by...

  • Abbey Homan

    its so true.. your a good person..even if you dont think you are and i love you for that and every flaw that goes along side every amazing thing about you.

  • Sharee Jones

    Joss Whedon FTW..... This is true Love. Looks, Money and Sex are not love. A person should ask themselves if they could visualize growing old with the one they think they are in love with.

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does Joss Whedon have a pinterest that I need to know about?

Joss Whedon is the shit. period. Oh yeah, his TV shows aren't bad either ;)

Stay calm and...l Giles! He always know in what book to look... #advice #btvs

I knew the "Keep Calms" would get me sooner or later.

Important thoughts. Joss Whedon

So much was left unsaid. I can't help but wonder what we would've said and done that last day if we hadnt got caught. We actually wouldve got to say goodbye. Would I have gotten another long hug from you? One last hug to make me feel safe for the few seconds I was in your arms? Would I have broken down right there? Would you have been the first guy to see me cry over goodbye? Would you have held me in your arms and told me it was alright? So much was left unsaid and undone. Too much.

Joss Whedon's Top Ten Tips on Writing. Cut what you love stings pretty bad, but if Joss wants me to...

Maybe this is why we have made it so long:) Large Wood Sign A Perfect Marriage Subway Sign by dustinshelves