Remember these bad boys

I can still hear the sound it made!

Texting in the old days.. admit it, it was fun to pass notes! Folding correctly was another thing of

Ice Cream Cup with Wooden Paddle Spoon..loved the wood spoon

Blackboards instead of Whiteboards


do you remember?

Paper fortune teller game.

the price of gas in 1976

floppy disks!

Wow, old school....

heads up seven up! loved when we could play this in school.

Remember this?

old school magna doodle

slide projector

1997 - AOL INSTANT MESSENGER was released.

YES! I lived for those days!

overhead projector

anyone that remembers the 80's remembers these.

Barbie style head...I had dreams of doing hair tell I found out all I could do was braid it

Pencil sharpener. My elementary school classrooms had these, and blackboards. Imagine that...