Verdad que son bonitos? Pues este no ocupa nada de espacio, se puede plegar! Además no puede ser más sencillo de hacer

Little Girl's Ribbon Necklace - follow this easy #tutorial to make this sweet little necklace! Perfect for dressing up for the holidays

Recently I made a Tipi tent for my cat. Originally I was thinking to make a real size one for myself as it was always one of my childhood dream, unfortunately I don't think there is any space left in the house, maybe in the future. Anyhow although this is a miniature version Tipi I still enjoyed the whole building process enormously and today I decided to drew an illustration tutorial for whoever would also like to give a try!

@Jenn L Milsaps Crooks Check this link out there are some cool things and a paint for little ones. Thought it would be great for Liam to be able to do outside with Dray, Fun Ideas For The Kids This Summer! – 22 Pics

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