Damn glitter polish is the worst!

Yes, I would lol



haha! i'm worried that if i give up drinking, i'll replace it with murdering.

For real...lol


very true

Funny Confession Ecard: I hate Periods. Out of all things, why blood? Why can't it be fairy dust or glitter or something pretty?!

One of my pet peeves

Ha ha ha...never thought of this, but oh, so true!

I'm probably not going to find a husband today because I forgot to put on mascara.

True story

Wouldn't you like to know how many glasses of Our Dog Blue you've earned?! #wine #humor #ChateauMorrisette

Wait. Doesn't everyone?

Yeah, I'm pretty sure you're safe


BOTH!! I'm enjoying all the awesomeness in my life and don't give a shit about ANYthing that I have no room for, that doesn't inspire or support me or my son, and I'm HAPPY!! Xo