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from HUMAN

My Weekend is all Booked | Tank

Chrétien de Troyes | The Complete Story of the Grail; I have this book! Nice to have all the Continuations together in one book.

Can't Pin Slideshow...but amazing presentation called "The Artful Power of Children's Books" Nice to have so many art related books in one place with examples of student work

from The Orange County Register

Fullerton installs $35,000 book vending machine

"Andrea Taylor, Technical Services Division Manager with the Fullerton Public Library, stocks books into the library's new book vending machine located at the SOCO West Parking Structure near the Fullerton Train Station Tuesday. It is believed to be the first of its kind in the county. The machine will have the capacity to dispense 500-books." Nice story about the grant and the machine at the click-through.

I've made a few hollow books. They always are nice to have around... Especially when you can put them in the middle of a few large bookshelves.

John Neal, Bookseller: Italic & Copperplate Calligraphy / by Eleanor Winters - Should read reviews to find out if this book is more beginner than I need. Nice to have both these hands in one book.

from BuzzFeed

13 Reasons E-Books Are Better Than Paper Books

If I had to read on a tablet, then I probably wouldn't read. I don't like reading on tablets.

She Was Nice to Mice - Alexandra (Ally) Sheedy; yes, the actress! My Grandma bought this book for me and I adored the idea that a young girl my age wrote it. I was also 12. I still have this book - a wonderful story.