L'aria fresca della notte sui piedi e la tua impazienza che mi corrispondeva.

Rex Mundi 4.0

Make love to me. You know what I desire. Adonai give everything to me. My body is Yours, my soul is Yours, my heart is Yours. Touch me, rub me, make love to me. My breast are Yours Adonai. I want to feel Your touch.

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L'ho sognato di nuovo... insieme al quel tuo bellissimo decolté a fiori ;-)

How to have an amazing orgasm!

I can't wait for this with my babe. Spaz ♡

Use those teeth sexy.

This is so true, every time I felt sad or down. Out of no where my husband or my son would make me laugh, and I would feel better. :) stay positive and dont forget to laugh :)

I'll push you up against a wall. You'll feel it. You won't forget this because I made you burn like the sun.-BSMITH1987

This Photographer Captures The Most Intimate Portraits Of Couples To Prove To Our Generation That Love Still Exists

that awkward moment when you find a picture of exactly what you are going to look like when you are older...

Sweet love. ❤ Couples boudior Sexy lovely. Hot. Seductive sexual attraction. Kisses. Touches . Sensual