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Okay I want to live in this woman's house or have her organize mine. This is amazing, ridiculous, overwhelming....all of it! Dollar tree items. Look at this Blog, Lots of Great stoarge/organizing ideas !

{I want to live in this woman's house or have her organize mine. Dollar tree items & lots of great stoarge/organizing ideas}

Hang plastic bins from your closet shelves for extra storage.

To organize socks in the laundry room or small toys in a kids closet. S hooks and dollar tree baskets. To organize socks in the laundry room or small toys…

the weekend organizer creating simplified + organized personal reference files | Fabulously Organized Home - Did this Feb '13!  Love it!!  Can't believe I didn't do something like this sooner!  It will take some time to get used to where things are now, but it is much better, and cleaner than my old organized system.  :)

the weekend organizer {creating simplified + organized personal reference files} Fabulously Organized Home. I can use the expanding file organizer for this!

Utility closet organization

I might have to re-think my coat closet.(and another good use for shoe organizers!) Super-organized utility closet (shoe organizer for cords/batteries/flashlights)


For all those art supplies. DIY project du jour: Shoe box + toilet paper tubes (and/or paper towel tube pieces) = storage for pens and other office/art supplies (via Aunt Peaches) More paper tube repurposing ideas: here.

Use dollar store soap boxes to organize card games...genius!

Using dollar store soap boxes to organize - card games GENIUS! The crapy cardboard boxes most card games come in do NOT last long in the hand of an excited four year old.

Organize all of the cards you dont want to get rid of into cute books :) Brilliant! Why didnt I think of this?

Organized keepsake cards using binder rings. Love this! I have tons of old cards:-)


DIY: ribbon organizer - how ingenius! I have tons of these in my house already - I never thought to use them for ribbon.

How to organize the kitchen/medicine cabinet (plus, look through the 14 day challange and find a way to organize every room in the house)

So many little tips and tricks for organizing your house. She breaks it down into a challenge with tons of pictures and options you can get from the Dollar Tree.// a bowl full of lemons