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~ Healing Naturally… God's Way. | ~~> Genesis 1:29 + Revelations 22:2 <~~ || Learn the "Secrets" of Natural Healing from writings and teachings of America's pioneer in herbal medicine, Dr. John R. Christopher! ~

herbal medicine-it should be noted that many of these herbal remedies are used outside the US--INSTEAD of using pharmaceuticals

My New Favorite Book on Herbs

For my birthday last year, I received a book that has fast become one of my favorites: Rosemary Gladstar’s, Medicinal Herbs, A Beginner’s Guide. I love books about herbs that are easy to understand and give me the most important information. I also enjoy a book that contains recipes and practical projects that allow me to quickly implement what I’ve learned and actually use herbs in everyday life. This book has both of those things. Plus, it’s beautiful. Containing lots of full color…

This soup will fight colds, flu, and with four globes of garlic, maybe even vampires. (It may even be better than antibiotics...)

This soup will fight colds, flu, and even vampires. (It may even be better than antibiotics

Bubble Wrap Grapes

Food for balancing and healing your chakras:

107 Everyday Uses for Coconut Oil

107 Amazing Everyday Uses for Coconut Oil. This oil is from the tree of life.

List Of 150 Herbs, Together With Their Uses & Benefits

You’re either a person who embraces the use of plants and herbs, or you a person who would rather purchase the chemical/pharmaceutical alternative. Either way there is no disputing that certain herbs have very clear and proven medicinal uses and other wide ranging properties. For…