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You know this happens to every pinterest nail art project!!

Finding a weirdness that's compatible with your own

Haha | CostMad do not sell this idea/product. Please visit our blog for more funky ideas

True that . . . . I used to work with a night shift manager decades ago who thought he was 'God's gift to Womanhood' so, of course, I HAD to be interested in him, right? Oh how wrong he I learned I had to have comebacks for those jerks who were like him.

This sure would make my life a lot easier! Life with Fibromyalgia/ Chronic Illness

so I thrift, thrift, and thrift some more!

This needs to be turned into billboards and school posters!

I'm pretty sure I was supposed to be a princess. No, seriously. Someone better fix this shit.

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If I call you darling, will you make me pancakes? | Glocal Girl on Flickr, January 2011