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Explore Munich January, January 2012, and more!

Hyde Park. It's starting to smell like summer but it's still chilly. For me, it's nostalgia time. I feel English walking in this park. " You are!" John would say....

Munich, January 2012: This was the palace. I just wondered how it must have felt when you woke up in the morning and saw a long, long road in front of you with nobody around except your servants! yoko

A very fun pop-up shop just opened last week in London. Mannequins were greeting me as I walked through the bright colours. yoko

Last night, I was with my son, Sean, for the Closing Ceremony of the London 2012 Olympics. Nobody ever took a photo of two of us from the back. So I'm looking and I'm impressed. It seems that the thing that was in my tummy grew up to be a human being with broad shoulders. Is this real? Or is this a nightmare of a pregnant woman sitting in her kitchen and dreaming of what could happen to you? Yes, it happened. It happened. And it's not so bad... yoko

I am now in the old town of Stockholm! Isn't the most beautiful fountain? The sun is very bright but soft, and it's so quiet here. There is something very magical about the old town. But I never saw this fountain! I'm even looking tall. I like this! I'm wondering what it was like in the old days, when the water was coming out. Well, for me, it's still coming out! love, yoko

Walking on Videy, March 2012: What I love the most: High sky, pretty clouds, clean water, and snow… The sky is sending me kisses. I feel it. yoko

This is 112 Chambers Street. It means a lot just saying that - not just to me, but a whole lot of New York artists from those days (1960, 61, 62). But it looks so different now. I kept asking my friend, is this really…? Here I am trying to find out if you can get in, somehow. yoko