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"Stay in bed until you see the sun!" Parents set the clock to display a cheerful smiley sun at progressively later times of morning, training the child to get up only once they “see the sun”

Sun Smarties Kids Water Socks! Prevent slips, scrapes, sunburn, and blisters with our baby and kids' swim socks!

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Blue My Cot Portable Toddler Bed

My Cot Portable Toddler Bed by Regalo. Great to use at the beach to sit up off sand while eating and can't beat the $25 price! GREAT PRODUCT! (on Amazon too)

Positive reinforcement - Put a cotton ball, marble, pom-pom, etc. in every time you catch your child being good. Do something special when it's full. Nice little reminder for mom to notice the good and acknowledge it!

Turning Toddler Scribbles into Art...putting this one in my back pocket for the future. :) Love it!!

Scan or take photos of art work and writings — Book of School Projects. Love love love this idea

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Setting Up a Playroom So your Child will Play with Their Toys!

Tips for setting up your playroom so your child will play with their toys.

Going to make one for home! Behavior Chart: Begin at Good Job every day. The clips are moved up and down based on certain requirements. If a child is on any green space at the end of the day they get 5 pom poms in their jar. When the jar is full the child gets their pre-chosen reward (treat, prize, night out with mom or dad, etc.)

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32 Ingenious Things You'll Want As A New Parent

This time-out stool will come in handy for naughty kids.

Letting kids LIVE - seriously an awesome list of easy things for kids. about 100 things for a 1-3yo child to do!

This company will craft a real toy from a child's drawing. Absolutely AMAZING!! Some day I will be happy I pinned this

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Parenting the Connected Generation

Are you sticking to the 2 hour per day of tech time for kids (ages 6-18)? Encourage Activities before Technology. "How to Earn Technology Time" - Free Printable #smartmarch