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Boy does this hold true for my husband and I...10 years later and he is still the love of my life and my best friend!

the first time I saw you,I saw love...the first time you called my name,i heard love...the first time you touched me,I felt love...I thought nothing will ever part us...I have seen the worst and best of you...and I understand with perfect clarity,exactly what you are...after all this time,i can proudly say,YOU are the only one i belong to... :)

So true, that was the main cause of my last relationship failing. To confide in someone is the biggest basis of trust. You break that, and continue to you. You will lose that special someone!

I'm not saying we have the perfect relationship, I'm just saying that I've honestly never been happier. And I honestly would not give up this feeling for ANYTHING in this world. Nothing or no one is worth the happiness that I feel now. He's truly amazing, my best friend, my boyfriend, my world.

the BEST relationship Never even entered my mind when I was younger that I might have this--but I do. I love that my husband is my best friend! =)

i love you quotes for boyfriend tumblr | Love You Boyfriend Quotes | Love Quote Image This is so true for me ;)

Not a perfect person just a person who treats me well and loves being with me more than anything! A good description of my husband who is perfect for me!

The couples that are "meant to be"... like or repin would love it. Check out All My Love by Noelito Flow =) Thoughts, Me... - Love Quotes