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Then ya grow up to the realization that those dreams you had as a little girl did in fact have barriers. Anything is possible but now that we've reached the knowledge of common sense, we think nothing is possible. My heart got broken but it can be fixed.


20 Things a Woman Should Live By

20 Rules a Woman Should Live By. This is awesome. Every girl should read this! :) @Brittney Anderson Anderson Fruge'

bitemarks? more like deep gashes with blood dripping down the back of my throat. can't let it drip down my chin or they'd see... gotta swallow the blood from all the pain, curl my mouth into a smile and feign happiness...whatever that is

Something to think about..... Every girl should really take this quote seriously! So many Hirt others for no reason other than to be mean.

This is 100% truth and myself to the fullest. I have never been able to put this into words but I think this short saying speaks volumes. #SmartGirls

It takes courage to write the truth. And yes, there is truth in fiction writing, even if it's only being true to yourself and your ideas as you write them.