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    The best street style photos from Copenhagen Fashion Week where insanely huge and out of proportion sweats are ALL THE RAGE PEOPLE

    The beer belly needed to be free.

    It's time to take her to be de-clawed.

    Looks like the Senate is back in session.

    Please don't take pants-wearing advice from my grandfather.

    Delores was tired of her ballet flats sliding off so she came up with a solution.

    "Congratulations. Your tiger now stands proud on the open plain."

    MMM. Nothing like the fine vintage of Dr. Scholls.

    Finally a necklace that let's me hang my favorite Barbie outfits and take them everywhere.

    When you want that cotton ball look- we've got ya covered. Like- actually.

    Just don't get melted chocolate on them.

    I just. No.

    Packing tip #3. Shower cap shoe covers....because everyone owns shower caps. Actually WHO OWNS SHOWER CAPS?

    For $230 you can have these Ancient Greek Sandals 'Ikaria' Winged!

    boobie support pillow...because ...oh I give up on writing this caption. JUST LOOK AT THIS PHOTO. done. (drops the mic)

    And now the 'Awkward Gift winner of all time'

    Oh my god. It is Laura Ashley dress from 1983 all over again.

    Having your BABY be part of your wedding. Who says we haven't progressed?

    Just buy me a damn necklace already. #LAZYBOYFRIEND #SHUCKFORNOMAN

    So hard to work out when your siamese twin hasn't developed at the same rate as you.

    Ummmmmm....--> Fox Warm Ankle Booties

    pant suit!

    Floor design w/ wood & tile. How do I clean this?? PARALYZED

    Put a picture in a mason jar and add olive oil. Looks blurry and like crap and is a waste of olive oil.

    Landshark. Now available in pink.