Picture corner - always looking for ways to arrange pictures and frames.

The next time you go yardsale-ing and see an old, weird plate, buy it for 25 cents, store it, and wait till you have a dozen weird plates.

Cool corner frames.

What makes it work: I like that this one wraps a corner. This gallery wall reads as quite simple, almost minimal, thanks to nearly identical frames, and very similar color schemes amongst the art: either in black and white, or warm/pinkish tones.

Fill an entire wall with framed pictures

framing a door with pictures. absolutely love this

wall decor

I love the idea of a bunch of eclectic old mirrors and frames bunched together. Especially cute behind the dresser like that instead of one big mirror.

I love how a European decorating style lets you cover a wall with art.

Display many photos with an old frame, wire, and clothespins. PERFECT use for the huge frame I just took apart for the girls hair bow holder!!! did before I saw...works great! #DIY

Frame Hanging Tips: If you have a generous amount of horizontal wall space, draw an imaginary line on your wall and place artwork above and below the line. If you want to fill vertical wall space, create a square or rectangle on your wall with painter's tape and loosely arrange your pieces inside.

Artwork can be expensive. . . Like REALLY expensive! If you're on a budget, find some frames and photos around the house and put a beautiful collage together above a couch or fireplace. Its also a great idea for hallways. You will impress your guests and your family members (especially when they see themselves on your wall hehe)

What a great place to keep memories close. Amazing picture frames at fabnest.com coming soon.

love the frame collage

Gallery wall on picture ledges.

Photo display, Polaroid, photo wall

Love the mix of quotes, the frame with a word in it, and photos in this gallery wall


need to remember! would like to hang things on the walls of the new apartment but can't put holes in the walls.

Initial in frame.

Frame Arrangements