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The Paris fashion of 1930s photo by Meurisse

Original street style - Paris in the Photo by Meurisse. found photo fashion women ladies dress floral silk chiffon long


With the war in Europe over, fashion raised its beautiful head, and hemlines. Three British models stride out to show off their clothes, which was strictly export only.July By Remi.

A policeman halts traffic for ladies in the latest fashion called "beach pajamas" in 1933 France.

A policeman halts traffic for a group of women in the latest fashion, Beach Pajamas, circa style sportswear casual day pants skirt hats pajamas shoes blouse shirt street photo

Mary Jane Russell in Chinese silk pajamas, Vogue 1953

Mary Jane Russell in Chinese silk pajamas, Vogue, December 1953 Photo John Rawlings

Lesley Howard & Ingrid Bergman 1938

Leslie Howard and Ingrid Bergman 1938 They look like they have a sailor style going on. They wore the big pants and stripe shirts. The style of that day differs from the style of today.