Neville Brody is perhaps the best known graphic designer of his generation. He studied graphic design at the London College of Printing and first made his way into the public eye through his record cover designs and his involvement in the British independent music scene in the early 1980s.

Research Studios' Calendar 2011 by Neville Brody

cover by Neville Brody for Creative Review

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This fanzine appealed to me as it had minimalist design elements. However for a magazine such as mine, more information would be required on the cover

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Neville Brody


Joseph Müller-Brockmann : Design Is History

NODE RUNNER by Alain Vonck, via Behance

Hans Neuberg catalog cover design, 1950 for Schweizerischer Werkbund (SKW) Ausstellung Kunstgewerbemuseum Zürich. "The Swiss Werkbund (SWB), founded in 1913, is an association of designers and architects whose goal is to achieve "good and functionally" designed products. This is the catalogue of an exhibition which showed the work of the Zürich group.


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‘OH’ screenprint | by Craig & Karl