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  • Brittney Gerber

    Oh this is true. "That wasn't in the book." Or "Well in they book this is what happened..." Poor Fredy. He probably hates watching movies with me. Many of which are books I've read. Hunger Games, Mortal Instruments, the Host, The Hobbit, Sarah's Key, The Boy in the Blue Striped Pajamas, The Great Gatsby... This list just continues.

  • Haley Hart

    So true... Credit: herestothefakers. Hunger games.

  • Emma K

    Like... The Lightning Theif, Hunger Games, Harry Potter, the list goes On and ON!

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Hmm reminds me of a few...The Fault in Our Stars, Hunger Games, Harry Potter, any John Green book ever

Every time I go to a book store, I feel like Gandalf trying to find information on Isildur & the Ring.


This is true. Yeah I have like over 200 books and i have already read all of them 4-5 times

when the ending of a good book is near ...

Yes, guilty as charged!!! This girl likes to read! It's a good thing tho right!!

Yes I'm a book sniffer. I love old book smell. Like the classics. Or at least 10 or 15 years old. I love new book smell too. Completely different =)

Thor demands another

I wanted that Library SO BAD. Still do.

Reading Positions… they forgot half way on the floor, half on the chair lol