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    AMATO HAUTE COUTURE. #fashion #style #couture #hautecouture #beauty

  • giorgia cremi lai

    Porcelain Geisha Doll Shoots - Amato Haute Couture by Tina Patni Features Stunning Gowns (GALLERY)

  • Ditha Amanda

    amazing shoot by Tina Patni

  • Honey B. EE

    TO DREAM OF JAPAN by Amato Haute Couture | Fashion Photography by Tina Patni | Make-up by Gene Ginno Alducente | Hair by Jojo Padua - The series is by Tina Patni and features a bevy of beautiful gowns paired with pristine porcelain makeup looks. All of the ensembles in the Amato Haute Couture series feature a mermaid silhouette and are finished off with an oriental paper fan or umbrella. Combining the basic principles of geisha fashion with couture styles make the images simply irresistible.

  • Elena Mishina

    Geisha Doll editorial

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photography : Tina Patni Make-up Ginno Alducente Fashion: Amato Haute Couture #photography #fashion

Photographer: Tina Patni Make-up: Ginno Alducente Hair : Jojo Padua Fashion: Amato Haute Couture

Amato Haute Couture


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