Reader's Bill of Rights mugs

Rights of the Reader.

Take me to your reader

Every reader needs this!

The reader

A Wild Vortex of Books Flying Right at You. Wolfman's Books, Oakland


Waterstones, London, UK | 15 Hilarious Bookstore Chalkboards

I love the smell of old book stores.

book shop

Book shop ~

Everyone is a reader...


The Book Tavern, Augusta, GA | 15 Hilarious Bookstore Chalkboards


Three Broomsticks Coffee Mug — $7.77 | 21 Perfect Kitchen Gifts For The “Harry Potter” Fan In Your Life <<<< why are the books in the background not Harry Potter? And they're Hunger Games?

vintage NYT "book service" poster by Rudi Bass

A date with all of the books.

River reader

It's a sign! #books #reading

harry potter mug!